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Welcome to Payson, Arizona. Welcome Home.

The ancient Indians loved the land. They wanted beautiful sunrises off of rolling hills and mountains, clear days and comfortable temperatures. Cool nights for sleeping and clean air for good health were important along with abundant water, choice food – the good life.

Today we want the same and more. The Rim Club / Chaparral Pines residential communities and clubs are located on some of the most spectacular land in Arizona. The communities cover both sides of highway 260 in – Payson, Arizona, just one hour, fifteen minutes up the mountain from Phoenix International Airport on scenic highway 87. You will go through desert cactus forests to low mountain chaparral land into the largest single stand of Ponderosa Pine trees in the world — over 9,000,000 acres at 5000 feet and up.

You are home!

Two great golf courses, one the last Morrish / Weiskoph collaboration, the other designed by Gary Panks / David Graham are under your feet. 36 special holes of scenic mountain golf will be your challenge.

To add to your days of mountain golf on highly rated courses (ranked #1 and #5 four years running) you will find all the amenities expected in a world class community. Swimming pools, exercise facilities, tennis courts, recreation area for adult and kids, award winning clubhouses and great people to help are at your service.

Recently, Black Buffalo Corp. and OB Sports owned by Phil Mickelson and Steve Loy have acquired all club operations. They have deployed upbeat, enthusiastic, well trained people in clubhouse restaurant / bar area, pro shops and on-course to serve your needs. The future is bright!

Surrounding but not “invading” the courses you will find 441 homes and 810 lots at Chaparral and 68 homes and 311 lots at the Rim Club. There are many choice properties for you to consider.

When you think about it, today we are just like the ancient Indians who build homes throughout these properties – we want to be surrounded by beauty. We want comfort, security and good friends or family around us.
To quote Thoreau: “Come live the life you’ve dreamed.”